Since my young years, I have been known as a “Jewelry lover” and have dependably been enthusiastic about wearing perfect adornments.

My style for shopping and structuring adornments I acquired from my grandmother, a lovely woman who owned a jewelry store with some handmade pieces for over 30 years.

I took adornments classes, structured my very own gems, and planned one day to have my store as well.

When I wear my unique gems manifestations such as bracelets, necklaces, my companions, just as outsiders stop me and remark on my excellent adornments.

To respect & cherish my Grandma I named my company after her.

“ELLE’’ is my grandma’s nickname, “ELLE ROYAL’’ is the name I decided for my jewelry company and a line of a particular collection.

Following my 30 years of grandma's vocation in this business, I at long last found my enthusiasm, structuring, and moving unmistakable adornments!

ELLE ROYAL JEWELRY™ is an independent jewelry brand that provides Brilliant design and unparalleled craftsmanship that will be treasured always such as necklace, earrings, ring, bracelet, watch and other stunning jewelry pieces.

We offer a meaningful and creative way to personalize your jewelry.

We established Elle Royal Jewelry to create the ultimate jewelry shopping experience for our customers; not simply by meeting our customer's needs, but by offering excellent value, selection, and exceeding their expectations.

Once Grandma told me that her handmade jewelry business depends on return customers, not only the one-time purchase, this is why we value all of our customers and we are looking forward to counting you among them.

I welcome every one of you to go along with me and ELLE ROYAL JEWELRY the Moment!


If you have any concerns while shopping, please reach out to our devoted support team.


Elegant pieces you’ll keep forever!